«The team is usually smarter than an individual.»

Hans Imboden, Senior Manager


Project Management

New projects can lead to staff shortages. And when employees are absorbed by daily business, the capacity to realize goals is lacking and projects become a test of patience. Consenec’s experienced project managers have backgrounds in different areas and are ready to support, speed up, or manage your project.

Clear Solutions for Complex Jobs

New projects often lead to staff shortages. Because employees are involved with their daily work, companies lack the necessary capacity and projects can evolve into a test of patience.
Consenec has a team of experienced managers who can find quick and efficient solutions for the complex issues in your project. Our managers take on responsibility and work with your team to get your business moving in the right direction. The secrets to their success are: experience, expertise, and approaches that work. We look forward to supporting you and your projects.

Professional Project Management Helps

A project needs a clear goal. Every project is unique, complex, and frequently full of risk. And a project must be successfully implemented with limited resources in a predefined time frame.

What project managers do
Project managers bear the responsibility for the success or failure of a project. They plan, structure, and lead the project team, they are responsible for communication within a business, and they keep a close eye on deadlines and costs.

Skills and competencies of project managers
In addition to their subject-specific and methodological know-how, project managers think systematically and analytically, and they have leadership experience. They are motivators and enhance their team’s commitment to a project, even in the face of conflict and obstacles. All of which requires good communications skills.

Advantages of external project managers
External project managers are objective, impartial, and not absorbed by daily business. They can act quickly because the project has their undivided attention.

What to avoid in projects
Unmethodical planning, non-binding arrangements, and poor communication slow down projects as do unclear responsibilities and an imprecise division between line and project organization. Such situations give rise to long discussions, infighting, and delays.

What success depends on
Our experience shows that the commitment and motivation of the project manager is the key to success. In addition, only when the terms of the job are clear and the project manager has all necessary information and documentation can the client’s expectations be met.

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Success Stories

Client: A founding company

Job: Preparation, mediation, and follow-up of a team workshop

Duration: 1 month

In 2014, a business unit defined its “Strategy 2020” in the context of the company’s overarching strategy. At the start of 2018, a workshop for leaders was held to reassess and recalibrate the existing plan. In collaboration with the head of the unit, the Consenec senior manager prepared the workshop, took part as moderator, and summarized the results and action plans. In the process, he relied on his broad experience in designing and implementing strategies; during the workshop he kept the team on track. The feedback session showed clearly that the outside perspective offered by an experienced senior manager was a great advantage.

Client: A founding company

Job: Managing a large international bidding process

Duration: 12 months

India’s state railway is planning the acquisition of passenger trains over the next 20 years, in cooperation with industrial partners. The Consenec senior manager oversaw the bidding team, which was distributed across several continents. At the same time, he directed the comprehensive service package vis-à-vis suppliers and Indian Railways, in direct collaboration with the partner responsible for the comprehensive service package.

Client: A Swiss power supply company

Job: Development of a potential analysis for acquisitions

Duration: 6 months

The Consenec senior manager worked with the staff responsible for acquisitions to analyze the status quo. Based on a needs and a SWOT analysis, they determined the acquisition procedures and located cost-saving potential. Various courses of action were designed, and “low-hanging fruits” were named for immediate implementation. The project results were summarized in an acquisition strategy paper.

Client: A large Swiss company

Job: Implementation of a free-trade agreement

Duration: 6 months

In mid-2015, EFTA and the GCC states signed a free-trade agreement that, among other things, foresees preferential treatment of goods of Swiss origin. The client ships a large part of its products to the Gulf countries and required support in implementing the new agreement. In a first step, the Consenec senior manager analyzed the agreement and took stock of all potential projects as well as potential savings in current and future dealings. Then, he worked with the various project managers, their superiors, and the representations from the countries involved to develop client-specific strategies with the aim of optimizing the benefits of the free-trade agreement. In individual projects, the Consenec manager was personally involved in the negotiations with the purchasers of the goods. Already before the job was completed, it was clear that the client would realize significant savings.

Client: A regional electricity supplier

Job: Risk analysis

Duration: 3 months

“Can we guarantee that our customers have access to an uninterrupted power supply?” To answer this question, the management of a regional electric company commissions a risk analysis. A Consenec senior manager leads the project team with the aim of reviewing — and, where necessary, optimizing — existing partnerships and supply chains.
After four months, the senior manager is ready with a detailed risk report that includes pragmatic solutions, which he presents to the client’s management team and board of directors. He also draws up a provisional plan of action and a communication strategy for the worst-case scenario of a blackout. The client is so impressed with the Consenec manager’s work that he’s asked to remain in an advisory capacity during the implementation process.