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Stefan Ramseier, Senior Manager

Business Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and sales of companies or parts thereof are usually complex and very labor-intensive. The first step is to carefully prepare a unit for separation from the existing organization and then to realign it, whether as a new independent company or integrated into a new organization. In such situations, Consenec Senior Managers can contribute decisively to the success of the operation thanks to their extensive experience.

Success Stories

Client: An international technology company

Job: Transfer and integration of an existing business unit into a new company

Duration: 10 months

The Consenec senior manager is in charge of transferring and integrating an existing business unit into a new company. All legal, organizational and operational aspects must be taken into account. He introduces all measures necessary for ensuring the smooth running of operational capacities and client relations during the change processes.

Client: An internationally leading technology company

Job: Project management and management tasks in separating a large business division, establishing it as an independent entity, and incorporating it in an international joint venture

Duration: 18 months

Before the division is sold, the business units affected as well as all associated responsibilities are separated into two independent divisions and incorporated into a newly created body corporate, which is transferred to a global joint venture structure. The Consenec senior manager and a colleague lead a team of specialists and subproject leaders who are responsible for the establishment of governance structures and processes, the separation of all operational roles, and for supporting future management on the path toward full operational independence.

Client: A leading global technology company

Job: Project leadership and management to separate a business division and establish it as an independent entity in preparation for a joint venture

Duration: 12 months

The company is separating a global division and incorporating it into a joint venture agreement with the future buyer. Prior to the actual sale, the affected business units must be separated and given wide-ranging operational independence. The Consenec senior manager and a colleague lead a large team of specialists and sub-project managers in Switzerland. The team is responsible for the carve-out of the various business units and for their transition into an independent legal entity. At the same time, the team works closely with the future management of the new unit to expedite operational independence.