«Be prepared for what is coming around the next corner!»

Arthur Eckert, Senior Manager

Business Consulting


When a company undergoes major changes such as mergers or acquisitions, IT is a key risk area. Indeed, providing an effective and functioning IT environment for successful M&A operations involves a particularly high degree of complexity. Therefore, it is important that the IT stream is managed by highly experienced individuals at all stages of such an activity. Consenec can provide senior managers who have experience with complex M&A implementations.

Success Stories


Client: Unit of an international technology company

Job: Migration of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System into a new corporate environment

Duration: 6 months

Throughout the ERP migration project, the Consenec senior manager ensures that both companies are operational on day 1 – at the start of the 2021 financial year – and that there are no major interruptions in the target ERP system. Fully functional business processes with all connected interfaces must be guaranteed within the target ERP system; here it is important that the data migrated from the source ERP to the target ERP are validated and that the organization is operational in the new system. The Consenec manager ensures that key internal and external stakeholders are kept up to date on the main changes.

Client: A founding company

Job: Project management IS Workstream

Duration: 10 months

As communicated in December of 2018, the company is focusing its portfolio on digital industries and, in an initial step, selling 80.1 percent of its power grid business. To prepare for the divestment, inhouse power grid units are transferred and converted into an independent organization. A core part of the process is separating IT systems. The Consenec senior manager is charged with leading the separation of all IT systems (ERP systems, applications, and IT infrastructure).