«An experienced Finance-Allrounder.»

Christian Müntener, Senior Manager


Interim Management

Bridging staff shortages, launching new projects, reviewing major projects, and weathering critical phases – these are the challenges that businesses must increasingly face and overcome. Consenec’s experienced managers help by taking on full responsibility in the interim.

Win Time with Interim Management
It takes time to find the right person for a management position. But time is often in short supply – especially because vacancies in upper management demand quick solutions. Interim management is one of Consenec’s core competences. Our team is made up of experienced managers who can temporarily take on the full responsibility for a company, a business area, or a project. For as long as you need.

More time for important decisions

When interim management makes sense
When there is a vacancy in a key position, or for projects that demand punctual delivery. For instance, in innovation projects, where the time leading to the market launch is the decisive factor. Or when the board of directors and management want to profit from independent expertise.

International projects
Interim management is particularly useful when companies are developing new markets or working on international projects that require knowledge of the local customs. The Consenec team is also active abroad – for example, in China, Greece, Italy, and Germany.

Duration of assignment
Consenec interim managers will stay for a few short weeks or commit to several months – it all depends on the task and situation at hand.

Our qualifications
All members of the Consenec staff are former senior managers at ABB, Accelleron, Alstom, Ansaldo Energia or Hitachi Energy in Switzerland. They look back on years of experience in various business sectors and in management, and they all have an excellent network – in Switzerland and abroad.

Advantages of interim management
The experienced senior managers at Consenec can be hired quickly, they fill gaps, and are ready to step in where needed. Our team’s expertise is particularly useful when businesses experience capacity constraints, where there is a sudden or long-term vacancy, when know-how is lacking, or when a company is implementing a short-term project.

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Success Stories

Client: A major international technology company

Job: Leading the European business, a unit with 17 factories and approximately 4,000 employees

Duration: June 2020 until further notice

The Consenec senior manager is responsible for merging regional units Central and Southern Europe and Northern Europe and establishing efficient management practices. The merger also involves streamlining structures, consolidating locations,
relocating products, and further expanding the sites in Eastern Europe. At the same time, an engineering service center with 250 well-qualified engineers is being set up in India. Thanks to the improved cost structure, the unit sees significant growth and a substantial increase in earnings. During the same period, the senior manager oversees the carve-out from the former group and leads the integration into the new company for the units reporting to him. The introduction of a global, company-wide ERP system is scheduled for the coming year.

Client: A major international company for liquid filtration technologies

Job: Leading the company in the role of general manager with the aim of improving business structures and processes and to further develop the company

Duration: 12 months

The Consenec senior manager  is in charge of operational activities in collaboration with the key staff at the company. He introduces a new organizational structure with clearly delineated duties and responsibilities and adjusts structures to enable the realization of ideas for developing new product applications, including marketing measures. He works with the newly recruited finance officer to optimize administrative processes. In addition, monthly reporting and talent management processes are established.

Client: A leading global company for automation technologies

Job: Management of supply chain, logistics, and compliance during a phase of growth and change

Duration: 18 months

In addition to managing operational activities of the five business units on site, the Consenec senior manager is in charge of strategic projects. Together with the local team, he further develops skills and know-how, analyzes processes, and implements improvement strategies. As interim manager, he is also responsible for the total cost of ownership in the supply chain as well as for logistics, for securing the availability of materials in production, and for observing trade and compliance requirements.

Client: A founding company

Job: Interim management of unit for supply chain, management and logistics Member of unit’s management team

Duration: 8 months

The produces tailor-made bushings for international clients. The Consenec manager joins the unit’s management team and takes on leadership of the division. He is responsible for optimizing processes and introducing new suppliers; in addition, new approaches to replacing key components must be evaluated. At the same time, the SAP migration must be successfully completed. In the area of logistics, the Consene consultant works with inhouse and external resources to plan and implement the 2020 warehouse concept, which requires some 12,000 square meters of space to be reorganized, both on site and at external locations. Regarding human resources, the job is to hire and train new purchasing and logistics staff as well as employees for leadership positions.

Client: A global industrial plant manufacturer domiciled in Switzerland.

Job: Process analysis. Identification of weaknesses up to the production of turnkey systems (EPC). Leading plant engineering during the restructuring phase

Duration: 10 months

The company is undergoing a major restructuring – shifting from delivering products to becoming a global supplier of turnkey systems (EPC). The Consenec senior manager verified the management processes with the business units involved and identified weak spots. Together with the company CEO and the project manager, he analyzed recommendations within the current projects. Overarching interfaces of business units in general, with a focus on engineering (basic and detail), were strengthened or newly designed. Following the restructuring of the company, the Consenec senior manager was involved in daily business as interim head of the division plant engineering. He shared responsibility for recruiting and onboarding the new head of division as well as for hiring specialists for the individual engineering divisions.

Client: A larger international Swiss company

Job: Managing research and development

Duration: 20 months

As interim head of R&D with five locations in Europe and Asia, the Consenec senior manager introduced stricter oversight of costs and project progress, and initiated regular meetings for the management team. Project management and capacity planning were improved, processes were newly structured, and quarterly reviews for company management were organized. All measures led to a marked increase in transparency and a major reduction of errors in planning and forecasting.

Client: A Swiss real estate company (SME with 80 employees)

Job: Management

Duration: 12 months

Following a departure in upper management at the real estate company, the Consenec manager temporarily took on the leadership role. To ensure robust daily operations and healthy customer/client relations, the interim manager first introduced confidence-building measures and actively cultivated client contact. Finding a new manager was one of the major tasks – a task that was successfully concluded with the hiring and onboarding of the new company head. Other priorities included framing a road map for information processing and modifying the organizational structures in view of responsibilities and succession planning as well as implementing decisions in the area of human resources. In addition, the annual report was given a new basis. To guarantee the continuity of the new measures, the Consenec Senior Manager was appointed to the real estate company’s board of directors.

Client: A founding company

Job: Development of new business structures

Duration: 4 months

After the head of a business unit left unexpectedly, Erwin Gerber took on the leadership role. At the same time, he worked with the management team to develop a new organizational structure, ensuring that it worked well with the future structure of the company. In a second phase, Gerber worked with the new head of the business unit to implement the new structures.

Client: An international technology group

Job: Management

Duration: 12 months

It’s just a little over a year ago that the long-serving manager of an international technology group joined Consenec. Unfortunately, his successor at the previous firm has been forced to take leave due to illness. It’s not yet clear how long the new CEO will be absent — or whether he’ll ever be able to return to his post. The technology company contacts Consenec and just one week later, the senior manager is sitting at his old desk. He’ll be leading the company until the new CEO returns. Or until another successor is found.