«A great team, respectful leadership and the impossible gets into reach.»

Edwin Krämer, Senior Manager

Business Consulting

Human Resources

Forward-looking HR management is the basis for sustainable success. Click through our team and read more about the senior managers who are ready to offer their expertise in HR.

Aiming for Sustainable Success

Digitalization and globalization are the driving forces behind the current transformations in industry, business, and society. Pressure to remain competitive demands that companies move with the times and remain flexible – and that they implement change quickly.
In this complex environment, modern HR management (HRM) plays a major role and is a significant factor in achieving long-term success in business. And good HR management ensures sustainable success through value creation and retention. To achieve business goals, targeted measures are required in all areas of HR management.

Innovative and Strategic HR Management

What HR management means
We help you develop your HR strategy. We offer holistic approaches to solve problems across the entire HR spectrum and can design HR systems and processes that suit your business strategy. Our support and advice help your company remain competitive and innovative.

The different areas of HR management
• HR strategy (context analysis, business analysis, SWOT analysis, prioritizing HR measures, HR road map, HR cockpit)
• HR excellence (optimization of structures and processes)
• Employer branding
• Talent management (assessing potential, talent portfolio, successionand career planning)
• Competence management
• Reward management (incl. executive compensation)

How the Consenec team can help
Consenec’s senior managers offer support in all the individual areas of modern HRM, including assessing or developing an overall HR management system.

Our qualifications
In addition to the former heads of HR departments at the founding companies ABB, GE and Bombardier in Switzerland, our team is made up of leaders who are highly capable in implementing solutions in various areas of HRM. We guarantee tailor-made and effective solutions.

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Success Stories


Client: A founding company

Job: Leading a global HR business partner organization for all business and support functions

Duration: 13 months

After transferring to Consenec, the senior manager retained her former position in order to secure the change processes that covered all global roles beyond the successful conclusion of the project. She led both strategic projects as well as operative activities of an international HR organization, continued to build-up global HR competence, and coached potential successors. She ensured that two main priorities – greater “talent bench strength” and quality of services – were realized and that a future director was nominated from within the company.

Client: A large Swiss energy company

Job: Managing HR group

Duration: 12 months

During the interim leadership of the HR group, the Consenec manager reorganized the occupational pension plan, revised the strategy for remunerating the management team, and prepared a restructuring within a cost-reduction program. In addition, the manager modernized the severance package and supported the CEO in further developing the company’s business culture.