«Before you start walking you should know what is your target and which strategy you have.»

Ralf Jäger, Senior Manager

Business Consulting


Good leadership depends on optimal structures and organization in a company’s financial division. Click through our team and read more about the senior managers who are ready to offer their expertise in finance.

Sustainable Finance Management

Digitalization and globalization are the driving forces behind the current transformations in industry, business, and society. Pressure to remain competitive calls for flexible and fast solutions – also in company finance.
Good management and long-term stability depend on efficient processes and structures in a business’s finances. After all, accounting is a company’s central nervous system.

Goal-Oriented Interim Financial Management and Financial Consulting

What the Consenec team does
Consenec’s senior financial managers have seen it all. They look back on extensive leadership experience and have first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of finance & controlling: cost types, cost centers, R&D, investment and project controlling, US GAAP, IFRS, reporting. Our professionals can see the big picture. And they know exactly what to do – and when.

Advantages of a Consenec interim financial manager or financial consultant
Interim management is one of Consenec’s core competences. Our experienced financial managers can take on full responsibility in the interim – for as long as you need them. As interim managers, Consenec’s experts are able to quickly and efficiently establish order in the complex structures of your accounting and reporting systems. They suggest simple and transparent solutions that lead to your company’s success.

How the Consenec team can help
Consenec’s Senior Managers are ready to step in when a company is looking for a new financial manager, or when its financial manager is concentrating on an important project and needs backup for daily business. And if a financial manager decides to take a long overdue sabbatical, Consenec can take up the slack. Our team is also available if a CEO or president of the board believes an independent second opinion on company finances is required.

How long we stay
Consenec’s leaders act as interim financial managers from a few days up to several months – depending on the job at hand. Our experts can step in quickly, tackle the problems, and offer efficient solutions.

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Success Story


Client: A governmental unit

Job: Leading a team to implement Covid-related measures

Duration: 8 months

The client has developed a web-based application for processing financial aid payments to companies adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Consenec senior manager takes over the team responsible for these services. He remains in charge of paying out these benefits in accordance with the relevant guidelines until the program is discontinued; all activities are coordinated with the responsible governmental offices.