«Be prepared for what is coming around the next corner!»

Arthur Eckert, Senior Manager

Business Consulting

Change Management

Today’s rapid changes in the business world force companies to continually adapt their models. Click through our team and read more about the senior managers who are ready to offer their expertise in change management.

Moving forward with Change Management

Digitalization and globalization are the driving forces behind the current transformations in industry, business, and society. Pressure to remain competitive pushes companies to quickly implement new strategies – and it often leads to incisive changes.
Change management is one of Consenec’s core competences. Our senior managers are experienced leaders who can successfully guide your business through difficult transformations.

Change is the Cornerstone of Success

What change management means
Change management covers all procedures and activities involved when a company, or a part of a company, introduces a major change in its business concept. There are generally many reasons for change – for example, introducing a new strategy, implementing new structures and processes, or the need to adopt a new corporate culture.

Phases of the change process
Current theory on change management says it is key to establish a sense of urgency and to build a leadership coalition. Then, a vision and a strategy must be developed and communicated, obstacles must be removed, and successes made visible. Finally, the change has to be driven forward until it is anchored in a company’s culture.

How the Consenec team can help
Consenec’s senior managers can lead a company through the entire change process, or they can simply offer support – over the duration of the change or for individual phases.

Our qualifications
The Consenec team is made up of former top managers at ABB, GE, or Bombardier in Switzerland. They look back on extensive experience in leadership roles and have firsthand knowledge of all aspects of change.

Advantages of external change management
Consenec’s Senior Managers are ready to step in quickly. As “outsiders”, they have the necessary distance to the emotional aspects of change. Their cool-headed approach relieves worries about new measures and offers company leaders valuable and effective support.

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