«I have always been impressed by the power of focused and diverse teams.»

Marcel Mueller, Senior Manager

2021 Business Report

Dear Reader

Have you read the daily paper of late? Perhaps you’ve scrolled through the headlines on your smartphone or tablet, or maybe you prefer learning the daily news from radio and television programs. One way or another, we all know that media consumption is currently undergoing radical changes. Social media channels are booming – this at the cost of professional journalism – while fake news is spreading like wildfire. In today’s world, with a pandemic that continues to dominate the headlines, this fraudulent information has the power to destabilize society and cause serious problems.

“Does anyone still read the newspaper?” This was the title of the Consenec Impuls event held in November 2021. It was our first in-person event since the outbreak of the coronavirus, and a large audience came to hear media sociologist Dr. Linards Udris discuss media use in the Swiss population. In his talk, he outlined the enormous influence exercised by social media platforms and stressed the importance of serious journalism (pp. 6–9). At the very least, we can be grateful that the Swiss generally consult trustworthy media when forming a political opinion (pp. 10–11).

It should be noted that fake news is no modern phenomenon – although we used to call it a “fabrication” or a “canard” (pp. 12–13).

On a different note, we’re pleased to introduce five senior managers – former executives at ABB, Alstom/Bombardier, Ansaldo, and Hitachi – who have joined the Consenec team (pp. 14–15). We also present three case studies as examples of the complex challenges our senior managers mastered in 2021 (p. 16).

Last but not least, at our online Consenec Impuls event held in May 2021, ETH professor Gudela Grote spoke about a revolution in the world of work (p. 17).

At Consenec Ltd., we’re once again fortunate to look back on a successful business year – the facts and figures tell a very positive tale (pp. 4–5). And so, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their confidence in our team and for continuing to entrust us with important and rewarding assignments. Our dedicated senior managers at Consenec look forward to offering their expertise and services in the future.

I hope you enjoy reading about our work.


Ingo Fritschi