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Madeleine Petit, Senior Manager

2022 Business Report

Dear Reader

For over two years, it was a virus and its fallout that dominated our thoughts and actions. Then, in 2022, we saw the emergence of new crises: war in Ukraine and the impending energy shortage.

Indeed, the controversial topic of our energy supply has become the subject of contentious debate — not only on the global stage but also here in Switzerland, where it seems increasingly likely that the government’s Energy Strategy 2050 will fail spectacularly. Does this mean the energy transition is already doomed? To find an answer, we decided to make the future of energy the theme of our 2022 business report.

Over the course of 2022, Consenec senior managers took on more assignments compared to the previous year. However, due to the reduction in overall volume, the total workload was shy of the targeted levels; by contrast, during the two preceding — pandemic-affected — years, we exceeded our goals in this category (pages 4—5).

But regardless of the numbers, Consenec clients once again benefited from the expertise and experience of our top executives, who led demanding projects and served as interim managers. The repertoire of assignments at Consenec is broad, and our report offers insights into the various topics and tasks our managers tackle (pages 6—7).

The professional and personal backgrounds of our senior managers are as diverse as the assignments we take on. We are pleased to introduce our core team (pages 8—9) and the ten former executives who joined Consenec’s ranks in 2022 (pages 10—11).

As mentioned, the focus of this year’s report is the future of energy. We look at the companies participating in the Consenec model and present several innovations that illustrate their commitment to exploring and developing new technologies, environmentally friendly solutions, and sustainable products (pages 12—13).

Nevertheless, the pathway to a green future is anything but smooth, as is proven by hard facts and statistics on our current energy consumption and alternative-energy solutions (pages 14—15).

“Will we have to wear our woolens? Dealing with the energy shortage” was the title of one of our two Impuls events held last year. Guest speaker Samuel Leupold gave a blunt assessment of the present situation on the energy market — and of what we can realistically expect in the future. With a mixture of sober reasoning and rhetorical flourish, he also dashed the hopes attached to several “green” illusions (pages 16—17). The Impuls event on corporate social responsibility — a topic that goes far beyond simple risk management — also drew a large audience (page 19).

Once more, our clients expressed their genuine appreciation for the work performed by the Consenec team — feedback that makes us exceedingly proud. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to our clients, partners, employees, and board members for their trust and for their part in carrying the Consenec model into the future.

Ingo Fritschi