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Stephan Husi, Senior Manager

2023 Business Report

Dear Reader

Yet again, the year under review saw massive change across our planet. Companies merged and collapsed. The weather wreaked havoc, with natural disasters and record temperatures causing devastating damage. Many people lost their homes, or even their lives – some in brutal wars that are raging nearby.

Consenec and its participating companies, too, experienced – and still are experiencing – change. To note just one example: we’ve introduced a new business model and will be working with ABB, Hitachi Energy, and Ansaldo Energia in the future.

2023 was also a successful year for our senior managers who worked with external clients, although most of our assignments continue to be conducted on behalf of the companies participating in the Consenec model (page 4).

We’re also very pleased to report that our team achieved excellent outcomes in major projects, where jobs ranged from opening up new business areas and building up markets on to integrating acquisitions (pages 8–9).

In the section focusing on the environment and sustainability, we show how the participating companies demonstrated innovative energy through investments, research, and environmentally friendly products (pages 10–11).

On another note, what does Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine mean for Europe and the world? At our Consenec Impuls event in November, historian and military expert Dr. Marcel Berni analyzed current trends in great power policies (pages 12–13).

The June Impuls event was dedicated to the ongoing revolution in the energy industry. Facts about the required paradigm shift and Switzerland’s Energy Perspectives 2050+ as well as various sustainable projects are presented in the section on the electric power grid (pages 14–18).

All in all, we at Consenec can look back on a year in which our team – in the midst of all the change – remained motivated and mastered every challenge they took on. Always to our clients’ full satisfaction, as is evidenced by the appreciation we regularly receive.

And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partner companies for the confidence they place in our senior managers. I’m also grateful to our Board of Directors for their outstanding work and, of course, the Consenec staff for their continued commitment.

Ingo Fritschi