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Powering Bangkok’s mass transit rail system

Hitachi Energy Feature.   With a population of 11 million, Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest city. It is also the country’s economic hub (generating almost half of the national gross domestic product) and the main entry and exit point for tourists, reaching 25 million in 2023.

Therefore, ease of travel for residents and visitors is key to the nation’s prosperity and the city’s well-being. Bangkok’s mass transit rail system is considered one of the best in Southeast Asia, providing fast electric rail travel across the city, which has reduced road traffic and considerably improved air quality.

The latest addition to the rail transit system is the Red Line, which connects the new central station with the northern and western suburbs. It also intersects with the city’s other rail transit routes and the Don Mueang International Airport.

“This is a hugely important project for the entire metropolitan area of Bangkok,” said Mr. Sutep Punthupeng, Chief Executive Officer of S.R.T. Electrified Train Co. Ltd. “It connects the outer suburbs and provinces with central Bangkok, links up with other rail routes, an international airport, and carries 300,000 passengers quickly and efficiently to their destination, every day.”

The Red Line began operations in late 2021, powered by a compact Hitachi Energy gas-insulated grid connection, which feeds electricity from the national power grid into the Red Line rail system and ensures the voltage remains stable throughout the line.

Hitachi Energy was awarded the order by Mitsubishi Hitachi Sumitomo Consortium, the project's engineering, procurement, and construction consortium. Red Line is 41 kilometers long and served by 25 Hitachi electric multiple-unit trains. In time, the line will be extended by an additional 20 km.

Hitachi Energy has also been awarded new orders to supply similar power solutions for two other mass transit rail lines in Bangkok – the Yellow Line and Pink Line – starting operations in 2023.

Hitachi Energy’s extensive local resources and expertise in grid connection and power quality solutions enabled it to support the consortium and State Railway of Thailand throughout the project, from design and engineering to grid code and regulatory compliance. As the pioneering technology leader, Hitachi Energy collaborates with its customers and partners to enable a sustainable energy future, for today’s generation and those to come.

“Power stability and reliability are critical to our operations,” said Mr. Sutep. “All our trains depend on it. I could say that all solutions have functioned flawlessly since the line opened.”

Source: Hitachi Energy Feature


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