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M.A.C. Maritime partners with Accelleron on continuous digital reporting and advisory to maximize the value of data for customers in the marine industry

Accelleron Press Release.

M.A.C. Maritime, the German expert in on-board data acquisition and performance monitoring, has signed a collaboration agreement with Accelleron’s Digital Division, the Swiss specialist in digital solutions for vessel performance optimization. The agreement takes effect immediately.

The agreement will enable M.A.C. Maritime to market and distribute Accelleron digital offerings: Tekomar XPERT Marine Engine module, Tekomar XPERT Marine Emissions module and Tekomar XPERT Marine Hull & Propeller module.

This strategic partnership will provide potential and existing customers of M.A.C. Maritime with easy access and integration to Accelleron digital solutions. Widely recognized for their excellent reputation, both companies will leverage mutual technical synergies to better support shipping companies’ decision making.

Customers will benefit from the combination of M.A.C. Maritime’s IoT-based automation, measurement and communication technology expertise, and Accelleron’s in-house know-how related to sustainable vessel performance evaluation and advisory. In particular, the continuously monitored and reported vessel’s data from M.A.C. Maritime’s system solutions will serve as an ideal baseline for Accelleron Tekomar XPERT engine diagnostic, Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating forecasting, and emissions effective and proven reduction.

“The collaboration with M.A.C. Maritime aligns with our software integration strategy” strategy” - said Shailesh Shirsekar, Global Head of Sales and Operations, Accelleron Digital Division – “We aim to further aid ship owners and operators in the transition towards optimal operation of equipment, cost saving and sustainability.”
Markus Thewes, Managing Director of M.A.C. Maritime GmbH added:” M.A.C. Maritime is committed to working closely together with Accelleron to make the reporting and analysis activities for our mutual customers increasingly efficient. M.A.C. Maritime and Accelleron Digital Division are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and are confident that it will lead to significant benefits to customers.”

Source: Accelleron Press Release


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