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Hitachi Energy to accelerate introduction of HVDC technology with Grid United for transmission projects to strengthen US power grid

Hitachi Press Release.   Today at CERAWeek, Hitachi Energy and Grid United, an independent electrical transmission company, announced a collaboration to deliver high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for Grid United transmission projects that will interconnect the eastern and western regional power grids in the US. These projects will dramatically boost transmission capacity across the US to support the urgent need for smooth sharing of power between energy markets at a time of drastically increasing demand for electricity.

Long-distance transmission lines are critical in delivering low-cost energy from areas with access to abundant supply to areas with high demand. These projects will help overcome one of the most persistent bottlenecks in the energy transition in the US by bridging the east-west divide. They also will play an important role in supporting the US government’s commitment to accelerating the energy transition, and specific stated priorities of the US Department of Energy.

Under an innovative approach known as a capacity reservation agreement, Hitachi Energy will provide HVDC technology to support the development of multiple Grid United HVDC interconnections. These interconnections will help mitigate the impact of extreme events and accommodate the growing demand for electricity. The two companies are exploring potential projects to further strengthen the US electric grid.

Michael Skelly, CEO and co-founder of Grid United, said, “With industry leading HVDC technology and a global track record, Hitachi Energy is a needed collaborator for the development of a more resilient and reliable electric power grid. By working with companies like Hitachi Energy and partnering with incumbent utilities, we’re confident we can quicken the pace of modernizing and strengthening the US electric grid to meet rapidly increasing electricity demand.”

Niklas Persson, Managing Director of Grid Integration business, said, “We are proud to collaborate with Grid United to strengthen the US power grid, making it more flexible, reliable, and secure. By applying our innovative new business model which enables speed and scale in the supply chain, we are confident we can make important contributions to streamlining the development process to help accelerate the energy transition.”

This multi-contract framework, introduced by Hitachi Energy, is one of the first of new business models for the US. This new approach allows Hitachi Energy to plan in advance to increase manufacturing capacity, expand and train the workforce, and maximize standardization to increase efficiency between successive projects. Today’s announcement follows a similar approach taken with large utilities in Europe, and is a key innovation in securing the supply chain for the energy transition.

The new interconnections will provide long-term economic benefits to communities across the country by facilitating the sharing of energy resources between power grids. Connecting the grids will alleviate network congestion and increase grid resilience and flexibility, helping to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events.

Hitachi Energy has provided HVDC solutions to North American customers since 1970 and now has more than 20 projects in the US and Canada, either in operation or under construction. As of today, the company has about 10 GW of renewable energy integrated, excluding the projects currently under implementation.

Source: Hitachi Press Release


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