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Hitachi Energy’s EconiQ™ technology powers TenneT’s Maasbracht substation

Hitachi Energy Feature.  

TenneT is responsible for ensuring a reliable and secure electricity supply to more than 43 million domestic and business users across the Netherlands and Germany. As the first cross-border European Transmission System Operator (TSO), TenneT plays a pioneering role in the transition to a sustainable, decarbonized energy system, toward which it invests in innovative high-voltage technologies to minimize the use of SF6 in the transmission network. The Maasbracht substation has been in operation for several decades and is the main connector between the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The substation is a critical component of the country’s energy infrastructure and Hitachi Energy’s technology will modernize the substation by delivering over seven kilometers of its eco-efficient EconiQ GIL product, which uses a game-changing technology that eliminates polluting SF6 gas and is proven to significantly reduce carbon footprint throughout its entire life cycle. By choosing EconiQ GIL, TenneT will achieve its sustainability goals by avoiding the addition of over 70,000 kilograms of SF6 into the transmission network, which is the equivalent of removing CO2 emissions from almost 826,000 cars from the road in a year1.


This project is an important investment in the energy infrastructure in the region.


Hitachi Energy shares our commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Frank Wester
Associate Director
Grid Field Operations Netherlands


We are excited to partner with TenneT on this important project.


Our EconiQ technology is designed to meet the evolving needs of the energy sector while also minimizing its environmental impact. We are confident that this project will deliver significant benefits to TenneT, the environment, and society.


Christian Ohler
Head of Global Product Group Switchgear
Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy is committed to supporting the energy transition with sustainable and innovative solutions such as EconiQ. This project is a testament to that commitment to enable a sustainable energy future for today’s generation and those to come.

Source: Hitachi Energy Feature


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