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Hitachi Energy factory in Łódź, Poland awarded Factory of the Future

Hitachi Energy Feature.   The Factory of the Future award was established in 2021. It focuses on identifying innovative solutions and good practices in the technological, ecological, and organizational transformation of manufacturing enterprises in Poland. The organizer is the Future Industry Platform Foundation, which was created to strengthen the competencies and competitiveness of enterprises in Poland by supporting their transformation toward Industry 4.0.

The winning campus consists of four production plants and two engineering centers employing over 1,400 employees. Hitachi Energy recognizes that the key to innovation lies in developing new technologies and, above all, in adapting to a changing world. This is why diversity, equity and inclusion – Diversity 360 – are key themes shaping the company and its goals.

Łódź is a great example of how these initiatives are implemented. In Poland, 50 percent of Hitachi Energy’s factory managers are women, and its factory management teams proudly reflect a strong 35 percent female representation, showcasing its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“We believe that diverse teams and cooperation between them are the strength of our organization. We are glad that it was noted and appreciated,” says Mateusz Kowalczykiewicz, Vice President of the management board of Hitachi Energy in Poland and the Head of Operations of Dry, Distribution and Traction Transformers at Hitachi Energy in Europe. “We are incredibly proud to have been honored with the Factory of the Future award. We consider it an inspiration on our path to provide ever more innovative and sustainable solutions for the energy market.”

A special mention was given to the excellent integration of factories on campus and the cooperation among their departments, not only in sharing of technologies but also the IT systems in the operations, the data centers, cybersecurity, and research and development activities.

Thanks to its committed people, the Łódź campus has become an important link in the supply of power and distribution transformers that provide reliable power to customers in Europe and worldwide to support the energy transition. As transformers are the key components of the future’s clean energy systems, Hitachi Energy has a wide footprint of design, production, and service facilities in 10 countries across Europe. Our transformers are present in data centers, power plants, wind and solar farms, and trains.

Developing advanced technologies for the energy market requires a modern approach. Hitachi Energy's approach focuses on collaboration, development, and innovation and implementing our purpose to advance a sustainable energy future for all. The Future Industry Platform Foundation’s judging panel appreciated, among others, an internal plan for continuous, comprehensive development covering several plants and various processes, from customer satisfaction through process optimization and efficiency improvement to supporting the development and well-being of employees.

“A modern factory is not only about advanced production processes and digital technologies. Our factory in Łódź, like many others in our network, places a strong emphasis on fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. Innovation is our mindset, and we are agile in responding to changes,” says Daniela Pavone, Head of HR, Transformers at Hitachi Energy in Europe.

Hitachi Energy is proud to have been recognized as a progressive and forward-looking company. Its industry leadership stems from its skilled and diverse workforce, working to meet the challenges of a sustainable energy future.

The Factory of the Future award was granted to Hitachi Energy campus in Łódź and holds until 2026.

Source: Hitachi Energy Feature


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