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Hitachi Energy earns top honors in Chartis Energy50 2024 rankings

Hitachi Energy Feature.    Complexity is increasing throughout the energy value chain due to economic uncertainty, geopolitics, decarbonization initiatives, renewables integration, climate change, and price volatility. From renewable developers and generation operators to independent power producers (IPPs) and transmission system operators, energy market participants need greater clarity and actionable insights to make optimal decisions across their energy planning, investing, operating, and trading lifecycles. Hitachi Energy is at the forefront of addressing these challenges by implementing a data-driven approach to energy management, optimization, and delivery. Investment and regulatory constraints pose additional obstacles to energy conversion and convergence; however, Hitachi Energy’s digitalization solutions provide the essential tools to simplify data complexities in the current and future energy environment.

Global energy management leader in thirteen categories in the Chartis Energy50

Understanding the dynamics of this changing energy landscape, Hitachi Energy ensures a comprehensive approach to solving business and operational challenges through its integrated, composable Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) solutions. Hitachi Energy earned top honors in this year’s Chartis Energy50, a global ranking of leading technology players from the energy sector. Being recognized as a leader in multiple categories reflects the company’s commitment to accelerating insights, creating process efficiencies, mitigating risk, and improving profitability for customers.

Hitachi Energy earned leader designations in 13 categories for the Chartis Energy50, including regional leadership in Europe, integrated energy and asset management solutions, transmission and generation operation analytics/control, emissions modeling and load forecasting, and power portfolio optimization and risk management.

#2 overall globally
#1 overall in Europe

Recognized as the #1 global leader in the following categories:

  • Cross-product renewable analytics
  • Emissions modeling
  • Environmental technology innovation
  • Generation operations analytics and control
  • Integrated energy management solutions
  • Load forecasting
  • Power inventory and asset management
  • Power market pricing and modeling
  • Power portfolio optimization
  • Power risk management
  • Power systems inventory and asset management
  • Transmission operation analytics and control


Hitachi Energy’s integrated energy management solutions and power portfolio optimization provide critical insights that allow customers to remain competitive and profitable in a rapidly evolving industry.

The company’s innovation has earned a top position among energy industry leaders.


Sid Dash
Chief Researcher

Energy50 2024 Awards

Every year, Chartis Research, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology, conducts a thorough analysis of the world’s major technology players across the energy space. Chartis Research then ranks them based on a series of criteria—functionality, core technology, market presence/impact, strategy, and innovation—in its Energy50 software ranking.

In addition to the latest industry leading ranking for its Energy Portfolio Management solutions, Hitachi Energy is regularly recognized by Chartis as a leader in energy trading and risk management (ETRM).

ETRM: Enabling real-world customer transformation

Backed by its extensive domain expertise and foundational market intelligence and analytics, Hitachi Energy helps organizations manage their energy commodity positions worldwide, mitigate exposure to market risk, streamline regulatory compliance, and meet financial objectives. Chartis regularly recognizes the company as a leader in energy trading and risk management (ETRM). One example of Hitachi Energy’s numerous recent deployments is an ETRM solution for Contact Energy Limited, a New Zealand electricity generator, wholesaler of natural gas, and retailer of electricity, natural gas, broadband, and liquified petroleum gas (LPG).

Contact Energy is preparing to deliver major generation projects, including a new geothermal power plant. To drive these efforts, the company’s Generation & Trading team focused on sharpening its trading systems and launched the first stage of its new cutting-edge wholesale trading platform, powered by Hitachi Energy’s TRMTracker. With increased automation, real-time insights, complex calculations made easy, and robust risk management, the platform aims to transform Contact Energy’s trading capabilities.


The clean energy transition is well underway, and as an industry, we are making significant progress, but we will need to continue this innovation at a pace that matches that of climate change. Projects like our collaboration with Contact Energy reflect our commitment to innovation via EPM, empowering energy companies to successfully operate in a volatile wholesale market while at the same time ensuring more efficient, effective, and competitive operations.


Michael Hinton
Global Head of Energy Portfolio Management
Hitachi Energy

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