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Ansaldo Nucleare ready to contribute to the European Development of Small Modular Reactors

Ansaldo Press Release.  

Today’s meeting with Minister Pichetto Fratin to discuss the role of the Ansaldo Energia Group in supporting national energy security and technological innovation in the nuclear field.

Support for the country's growth, research and development activities on new forms of energy production with low CO2 impact, the prospects of the role of nuclear power in the Italian and European scenario: these are the main topics discussed today by Fabrizio Fabbri, CEO of Ansaldo Energia Group, and Daniela Gentile, CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, in a meeting with the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

During the meeting, the announcement of the European alliance on SMRs, communicated by the European Commission last Tuesday, was discussed. Ansaldo Nucleare confirmed to the Minister its participation in this alliance with its expertise and technological skills, after having significantly contributed to its creation.

The role of Ansaldo Nucleare at a national and international level in all fields, from new units to decommissioning, from life-extension of plants in operation to the development of new technologies and fusion, has been recognized by some of the major leaders in the sector, with whom Ansaldo Energia Group recently signed strategic collaboration agreements.

With EDF and Edison, the Ansaldo Energia Group is working on potential industrial cooperation for nuclear energy development in Europe, in particular in the field of Small Modular Reactors, while with Westinghouse and other European partners is working on the development and construction of Lead-Cooled Small Modular Reactors .

In this context, the Ansaldo Energia Group has started searching for professionals - both with proven experience or younger, to focus on for the future - who may contribute to the growth in research and implementation of new activities, both in nuclear and conventional energy. In particular, Ansaldo Nucleare, also thanks to the acquisition of new orders in markets where it has an excellent reputation, has recently started the first phase of searching new collaborators, which will lead to an increase of approximately 30 people, not to mention the further related activities that Ansaldo Nucleare expects to employ.

Source: Ansaldo Press Release


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