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Ansaldo Nucleare and the Italian Nuclear Association sign new strategic agreements with France and Romania

Ansaldo Press Release.  

Ansaldo Nucleare has signed, together with the Italian Nuclear Association (AIN), a collaboration agreement with EDF and with the Groupement des Industriels Français de l'Energie Nucléaire (GIFEN) aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the development of innovative solutions (EPR2, NUWARD), able to ensure clean and efficient nuclear energy production.

This is an important step for the future of nuclear energy, which sees two excellent companies among the main players: Ansaldo Nucleare, symbol of the Italian nuclear supply chain, and EDF, the main producer and supplier of nuclear energy in France. This new agreement, signed in the presence of the Italian Ambassador in France, Emanuela D'Alessandro, enhances the cooperation between these two entities, already undertaken with the signing of two important agreements for the development of an integrated supply chain system to support new projects.

In the context of international cooperation, Ansaldo Nucleare expresses its support for the initiative signed by the Italian Nuclear Association and the Romanian Atomic Forum (ROMATOM), aimed at consolidating Italian-Romanian relations in the nuclear field. This initiative represents a real support for the Romanian nuclear program, particularly in the current phase of preparation for the Refurbishment activities of Unit 1 of Cernavoda, characterized by interactions between Italian companies, led by Ansaldo Nucleare, and Romanian companies.

The signing took place during the World Nuclear Exhibition, the most important trade fair for civil nuclear power currently taking place in Paris.

“These agreements are a clear demonstration of how Ansaldo Nucleare and the entire Italian supply chain are recognized internationally for their skills and implementation capabilities on the nuclear market and are able to support the development of clean energy production” says Roberto Adinolfi, Chairman of Ansaldo Nucleare.

Source: Ansaldo Press Release


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