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Ansaldo Energia News: new contract in Ireland

Ansaldo Energia News.   Ansaldo Energia signed a contract for a new 299 MW energy security project at Poolbeg in Dublin, Ireland.

In consortium with Cobra, Ansaldo Energia will supply final customer, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), with a state-of-the-art AE94.3A gas turbine and the associated generator which will contribute to energy security and transition in Ireland.
The AE94.3A was chosen for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. The turbine is ideally suited for peak load applications, which was a key factor in winning the contract. The project involves the development of a simple cycle power plant that will strengthen the operational flexibility and stability of Ireland's power system with everincreasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources. In doing so, the AE94.3A showcases its rapid response capability to fluctuating energy needs.
The AE94.3A gas turbine has field-proven excellent results in terms of operational flexibility and reliability, with 115 units installed worldwide and more than 5 million of equivalent operating hours.
Scheduled for completion early 2027, the power station is a significant contribution to Ireland’s energy infrastructure.
“We are proud in the trust that ESB had once again placed in our products,” says Stefano Gianatti, EVP New Units of Ansaldo Energia. “We consider this achievement as a reward for our technological and manufacturing excellence and testament to Ansaldo Energia’s record as a trusted partner for energy security and transition”.

Source: Ansaldo Energia News


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