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Ansaldo Energia News: new 800 MW combined cycle unit started up in Tavazzano and Montanaso (Lodi)

Ansaldo Press Release.   The synchronization of the gas turbine with the national electricity grid is a crucial step in the commissioning process of the new 800 MW power unit, capable of satisfying the annual consumption of over 1 and a half million households and preparatory to its entry into service. The first parallel follows the first firing by a few days, i.e., the first ignition of the gas turbine, the heart of the plant.

For the Tavazzano and Montanaso unit, Ansaldo Energia oversaw the entire project as EPC Contractor, taking care of the full construction of the new production unit, from foundations to commissioning: the combined cycle consists of a GT36 gas turbine of class H, coupled to a steam turbine and the two related generators, all high-tech components entirely made at the Ansaldo Energia factories.

The GT36 turbine, Ansaldo Energia best performing product, is a highly innovative machine with unique flexibility features in terms of response to the network load requirements, ensuring very high performance and minimal emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, thanks to its characteristics, it is already set up for the combustion of hydrogen, in a mixture of up to 70%.

With the efficiency improvement project of the Tavazzano and Montanaso power plant, EP Produzione will contribute to the security of the national electricity system, thanks to the highly flexible and low-emission production of the new unit, compensating for renewables intermittency. A fundamental intervention to fulfill the energy transition path undertaken by Italy and to achieve the carbon emissions reduction objectives set by the PNIEC.

Source: Ansaldo Press Release


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