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Ansaldo Energia News: Ansaldo Energia S.p.a. Shareholders’ Meeting

Press Release. Shareholders approved the annual financial statement at 31 December 2022, closing with a loss of 649.6 million Euro. The Group’s consolidated financial statement closed with a loss of 559 million Euro.
The Shareholders’ Meeting resolved to cover the total loss by drawing on the available reserves and reducing the company’s share capital due to losses, in accordance with section 2446 of the Italian civil code.
In the context of the financial manoeuvre aimed at implementing the new 2022-2027 Industrial Plan, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting resolved:
1) to increase the Company’s share capital by payment of up to a maximum total of about 580 million Euro, in divisible form, by issuing ordinary shares with no face value, with regular rights, to be offered as an option to shareholders under section 2441 of the civil code;
2) to cancel 11,250 treasury shares, without a corresponding reduction in share capital;
3) to amend article 5 of the Bylaws accordingly.

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