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Accelleron signs unique Turbo LifecycleCare service contract with power utility WEB Aruba N.V.

Accelleron Press Release.  

Accelleron and Web Aruba N.V., the public utility and water company for Aruba, have signed a 10 year customized Turbo LifecycleCare™ service agreement. This agreement provides for the maintenance and predictable budgeting of Web Aruba’s 32 turbochargers installed on single and dual fuel stroke engines.   

A public signing between the companies took place on November 8th, 2023 with Aruba’s Minister of Labor, Energy and Integration, Glenbert Croes, attending.  

A Turbo LifecycleCare agreement offers predictable budgeting and cost-saving efficiency for operators of Accelleron turbochargers on four-stroke engines in the marine and power generation industries. This agreement covers standard spare parts, wear and tear, and labor, with Accelleron also reducing the administrative burden by taking over responsibility for maintenance planning and scheduling. The contract is based on actual running hours, meaning that Accelleron guarantees uptime across the entire service lifecycle.

Unique to this agreement with Web Aruba is the commitment for all services to be executed at WEB Aruba’s plant. The companies have agreed that Accelleron will develop, with the support of WEB Aruba, a new local turbo service worksite. This will enable Accelleron to provide faster service turnaround thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable power to the national grid.

The agreement also includes licensing for Tekomar XPERT™. This digital solution allows operators to manage environmental compliance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize fuel efficiency, with instant engine diagnostics and advisories delivered automatically.

Alfredo Koolman, Web Aruba’s CEO said:

“The new service agreement with Accelleron means faster service and simplified maintenance processes for us, while we can rely at the same time on a full-service coverage.”

Accelleron Managing Director for North America, Ihab Hlayel, said:

“Our team is not just here to maintain power plants; we are here to empower customers with the latest technology, technical support and service excellence. The customized Turbo LifecycleCare agreement for WEB Aruba is a perfect example of the value Accelleron can deliver to public service providers and any business where stable power and predictable costs are essential.”


Source: Accelleron Press Release


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