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ABB E-mobility takes smart into the home with charging solution and fulfilment capabilities

ABB Press Release.  

Drivers have long enjoyed the capacity to customize their vehicle at the point of purchase. With smart, the new premium intelligent all-electric auto brand, they can now extend that choice and flexibility into the installation of their home charger and arrange its installation easily thanks to the home fulfillment service provided by ABB E-mobility.

As soon as drivers have ordered their smart EV they can enjoy a fully integrated e-commerce process to access the most suitable home charging solution tailored to their specific circumstances, including their home situation and local grid properties. Then ABB E-mobility installers will step in to deploy the charger at the driver’s residence and get them ready for hassle-free electric mobility.

The two companies will work together to deliver smart-branded home charging stations powered by ABB E-mobility’s software development kit (SDK) that enables the development of unique functionality, including recognition and authentication that enables the charging station to recognize the EV without the need for the App or any other device. The SDK also enables access to all charging features through the smart EV app, providing a seamless customer experience both at home and on the road, as well as delivering vehicle status information.

“Our commitment to providing our customers with a great experience extends to ensuring they have the best possible home charger so they can enjoy their EV without having to worry about how to charge it,” said Xuan-Zheng Goh Head of Product Management of smart Europe. “By integrating ABB E-mobility’s fulfilment platform into our service we want to offer a reliable, secure and simple charging solution that will  add to a worry free EV life enjoying their smart vehicles.”

“Electric vehicle charging is about more than just a wall box. It’s about giving customers all the support they need to make the jump to electric mobility including delivering the right charger where they need it most and that’s at home,” said Leon van de Pas, Global Head of Home Charging at ABB E-mobility. “We’re delighted to work with forward-thinking brands such as smart and to help them provide the seamless installation of home charging solutions that enables drivers to begin their electric journey in the easiest possible way.”

ABB E-mobility has designed its fulfillment service to ensure the best possible user experience while enabling seamless integration into the OEM’s existing workflow. Online ordering of the charging station will be enabled with the integration of the fulfillment platform into the smart online marketplace. This in turn allows smart to deliver logistical and customer service support to its users without disruption to existing organization or processes. Installation services will be provided by ABB E-mobility certified installers to ensure a high-quality service and consistent user experience.  


Source: ABB Press Release


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