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Strengthening of the company’s equity

Press Release. These guidelines envisage, among other things:

- Strengthening of the company’s equity through a capital increase of about 550 million Euro, including conversion into equity of the shareholders’ loan provided by shareholder CDP Equity S.p.A., both 200 million Euro in capital and about 50 million Euro in interest payable.

- Extension until the year 2027 of the current 2023 deadline for repayment of lines of credit granted by the banks in the pool, with consequent adaptation of the financial parameters and maintenance of the existing cash lines and powers of signature.

- Extension until the year 2028 of the repayment date of the bonded loan currently falling due in 2024.

The transmission of information to shareholders and the meeting with the banks in the pool took place in the context of the activities involved in negotiation and definition of the manoeuvre to be performed to restructure the Company’s debt and strengthen its equity to provide support for implementation of the new Industrial Plan (with particular reference to the press release published on 1 August 2022, available here .
The Company will continue discussions with the financing banks and shareholders to determine their support for the financial manoeuvre and plan for strengthening the Company’s equity so that it can be discussed and approved with all stakeholders (including bearers of the bonded loan).

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