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PowerExchanger integrates renewables and stabilizes the grid to keep the power on 24/7

Press Release. With more intermittent renewable energy generation on the world’s power networks, and fossil fuel supplies experiencing major disruptions, distributed power reserves are becoming increasingly important to maintain grid stability and keep the power on 24/7. To support this transition, ABB is launching PowerExchanger, an innovative feature for its UPS products, which allows battery reserves to provide ancillary services to the grid, reducing costly downtime and cutting energy and operating costs.

UPS equipment is used to provide back-up power in the case of a grid supply failure, and it can also eliminate brownouts, over-voltages, and electrical noise. The UPS’ back-up power is drawn from its energy storage capacity, which often goes unused. With PowerExchanger fitted to new or existing ABB UPS systems, these batteries can be used to help the grid respond quickly to unexpected imbalances between power generation and demand, to reduce costly outages.

By using PowerExchanger to join markets for grid ancillary services, for example Fast Frequency Response (FFR), operators can now generate a new revenue stream, which lowers the cost of operating this capital-intensive equipment. Ideal for Low and Medium Voltage data centers, PowerExchanger ensures a minimum energy reserve is retained by the UPS battery, so in the event of a complete grid outage, the critical load will always be protected. PowerExchanger can also deliver additional financial and performance benefits, thanks to peak shaving. When peak-time energy comes at a premium, PowerExchanger enables on-site UPS energy reserves to cover consumption peaks and keep costs low.

“Against the global backdrop of rising energy prices and supply uncertainty, our customers are under increasing pressure to optimize the use of installed assets and improve efficiencies – all while supporting the transition to renewable energy,” said Paolo Catapane, UPS Product Manager for ABB. “A powerful way to do this is to harness the untapped potential of the energy storage held within a UPS, which is what our new PowerExchanger can do. It provides demand response functionality, helping to stabilize the grid while generating a healthy revenue for operators and lowering operating costs, making it ideal for use in mission critical facilities such as data centers.”

ABB’s new PowerExchanger is now available as a feature for ABB’s mid to high-power UPS solutions and is quick and easy to retrofit on existing systems. For more information on ABB PowerExchanger visit [PowerExchanger - UPS Systems | ABB] or contact ABB today.

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