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Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Energy are rising to the challenge of advancing a sustainable energy future for all

Press Release. In a global effort to transition towards a sustainable energy system, Hitachi is working very closely with its customers and partners to develop the necessary solutions to accelerate this transition. In an important landmark, both Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Energy will exhibit together at this live event for the first time (Booth S232). During the conference, the combined experts will share more than 50 papers across the energy sector’s most critical topics.

The company will be launching and showcasing new innovations for sustainability and enhanced digital capabilities:

  • EconiQ™, eco-efficient portfolio which is proven to deliver an exceptional environmental performance compared to conventional solutions. It will be expanding its extensive EconiQ high-voltage portfolio that eliminates sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). The EconiQ range also includes transformers that are eco-efficient by design, optimized to address sustainability contributing to decarbonization, enhancing safety, protecting surrounding ecosystems and responsible use of resources.  Through EconiQ services, environmental impact and carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle are significantly reduced.
  • Grid-eXpandTM is a new comprehensive range of modular prefabricated air-insulated and gas-insulated grid connection solutions. They are engineered, assembled, and factory-tested before delivery, ready for fast and easy energization on-site, hence reducing greatly the installation time and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy system.
  • IdentiQ™ digital twin solutions for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and power quality portfolio enable cross-team digital collaboration to accelerate project execution and minimize project risks. IdentiQ™ also provides relevant asset information, analytics, and operational data in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard, which users can customize to match their needs.
  • Lumada Inspection Insights, the end-to-end portfolio of digital solutions for the inspection, monitoring and optimization of critical assets. Pioneered by Hitachi Energy and Hitachi Vantara, Lumada Inspection Insights enables the automation of asset inspection, supports sustainability goals, improves physical security, and reduces risks.
  • OceaniQ™, company’s innovative portfolio that addresses the unique challenges of the offshore environment for reducing costs, increasing safety and improving efficiency.

“Today we are seeing an increased urgency to strengthen, expand and evolve the power grid, and we are delivering on our future grid promises and supporting the acceleration of the energy transition,” said Claudio Facchin, CEO of Hitachi Energy. “We are pushing the boundaries with innovative technology and new business models, collaborating with customers and partners to advance a sustainable energy future for all,” he added.

Together, these technologies validate the momentum behind Hitachi Energy’s commitment to deliver real customer outcomes and enable a more sustainable, flexible, and secure energy system. In our latest thought leadership journal “Perspectives”, we are commonly sharing our views together with customers like SSE and with industry associations like WindEurope, and these perspectives are living proof of our pioneering spirit, enabling us to bring visions and plans, such as an offshore European grid, to reality. Both Hitachi and Hitachi Energy are recognized as pioneering technology leaders with some of the industry’s most advanced clean energy and digital solutions that can be offered through the combination of IT and operational technology.

Quelle: Press Release