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Hitachi Energy’s new transformer insulation fluid treatment equipment improves quality, reliability and energy efficiency

Feature. Hitachi Energy's Lodz campus, a high-tech research and manufacturing center for power and distribution transformers in Poland, has invested in a state-of-the-art installation to refine insulation fluids used in transformer manufacturing. The new installation will speed up the fluid treatment process three times faster while saving energy and ensuring the fluids meet the highest sustainability standards.

The transformer's insulation fluids have both insulation and cooling purposes, which are essential for their correct operation. The fluid must be heated to the right temperature and filtered to eliminate solid impurities and remove moisture and gases. Each transformer type, often designed according to unique customer needs, has individual requirements for insulating fluids.

This new treatment station at the Lodz production center will be one of the largest such installations across Hitachi Energy worldwide. It will serve as a delivery point for insulating fluids to the campus plants and storing and refining. It is a state-of-the-art, flexible installation that allows simultaneous preparation of four types of fluids with varying technical parameters, characteristic of different transformers.

All operations previously performed manually are now automated. The installation is metered to efficiently manage the refining process while ensuring that the fluids comply with the highest environmental requirements.

"Transformers from our Lodz plants take part in powering many of the largest energy investments in the world. Across Europe, our transformers can be found in major power plants, data centers and wind farms. Their reliability is worth its weight in gold there. The new installation will ensure that our transformers work reliably and safely. It will also provide us with flexible and faster production with improved energy efficiency. We can respond to customers’ demands quicker and provide them with ever more sustainable transformers," says Mateusz Kowalczykiewicz, HUB Europe Dry, Distribution and Traction Transformers Operation Manager at Hitachi Energy.

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