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Edwin Krämer, Senior Manager

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Hitachi Energy announces changes to its Board of Directors

Hitachi Energy Feature.   Lorena brings extensive and broad experience in leveraging diversity, as a driver for sustainable long-term business growth. As recently appointed CHRO of Hitachi, Ltd., building a diverse pool of talent that helps bring innovation and creative problem-solving is in focus. Diversity is a business imperative that Hitachi has put at the heart of its corporate strategy.

With this appointment, Hitachi Energy's Board will continue consisting of a total of seven members, including Alistair Dormer, Chair; Frank Duggan, Vice Chair; Akihide Hirao, Director; Lorena Dellagiovanna, Director; Manuel Valverde, Director, Seiichiro Nukui, Director; and Shashank Samant, Director.

Brice Koch, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Risk Management Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Hitachi Europe Ltd. and Stephen Pierce, Advisor to the President of Hitachi Europe Ltd have stepped down from the Hitachi Energy Board and will continue in their respective roles within Hitachi Group.

Quelle: Hitachi Energy Feature