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Hitachi Energy and Arteche new joint venture in gas-insulated instrument transformers commences operations

Press Release. Arteche holds a 51 percent stake in the new joint venture (JV) company and Hitachi Energy owns the remaining 49 percent.

Arteche Hitachi Energy Instrument Transformers S.L. brings together the expertise of two companies which have a proven track record in technology innovation and manufacturing excellence in instrument transformers. The JV governance will take place within the framework of a new independent management board where both companies are equally represented. Products under the JV will be part of the parent companies’ product portfolio, while the promotion and sales activities will be carried out independently by both parties.

“Today’s launch of Arteche Hitachi Energy Instrument Transformers S.L. is another step forward in our purposeful journey of pioneering technologies that are accelerating the energy transition,” said Markus Heimbach, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s High Voltage Products business. “Together, we will build on our complementary strengths in gas-insulated instrument transformers to deliver solutions that are advancing a sustainable energy future for all,” he added.

With the establishment of the JV, Hitachi Energy expands its gas-insulated instrument transformer portfolio to address the growing gas-insulated switchgear market while strengthening value chain ownership. Arteche Hitachi Energy Instrument Transformers S.L. will also produce gas-insulated instrument transformers for air-insulated switchgear. The JV also propels the development of new eco-efficient technologies that will enhance the EconiQ™ high-voltage portfolio that eliminates sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) with scalable solutions for the lowest carbon footprint.

Quelle: Press Release