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Axel Lehmann, Senior Manager

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August - Ansaldo Energia Switzerland

Website. Around 300 people are employed in the Baden offices, engaged in product engineering, service activities and Research and Development, with particular attention to the GT26 and GT36 machines.

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities for large and very large gas turbines in nearby Birr, Switzerland enable us to validate our new products for a smooth market entry. This test plant is a full scale simple cycle power station, built in 2015/16, that can be used for the operation and validation of the fully instrumented engine under real power plant conditions, because de power is dispatched to the Swiss Power Grid.

Here the GT36, the most powerful and performing gas turbine in the Ansaldo Energia portfolio, was validated. The test program included stress testing of the two stages of the sequential combustion system, part and full load mapping, transient operation and performance testing. The validation engine is equipped with more than 3,000 measurement points, including a telemetry system which transfers more than 500 measurement from rotating parts. The full engine validation was an integral part of the development of Ansaldo Energia's new turbine.

The thorough validation process included design validation with engineering tools, component validation, full engine validation and, finally, field monitoring.

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