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Ansaldo Nucleare News: attendance at the "Forum Francia-Italia delle Infrastrutture dei Trasporti e dell’Energia"

News. An important opportunity for our Group to deepen the possibilities of collaboration between the two countries in the field of new ways of energy production, Ansaldo Nucleare proposes itself as a key player able to provide a broad portfolio of high-tech services and products: the recent commercial agreement signed between Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Nucleare, EDF and EDISON goes in this direction.

In the IREFI report, we actually read that the content of the letter of intent signed a few days ago by the four companies is fully part of the policies recommended by the Quirinal Treaty on energy supply, and is without any doubt the first major agreement initialled after its ratification.

The aim of the agreement is to immediately leverage on the expertise of the Italian nuclear power sector, headed by Ansaldo Nucleare, in order to support the development of EDF Group's new nuclear projects, and at the same time to open a debate on the possible role of new nuclear power in Italy's energy transition.

According to the four signatories, nuclear power complements renewable sources, guaranteeing stability and contributing to the environmental sustainability of the electricity system, considering Europe’s and Italy’s ambitious decarbonization targets that set 2050 as the deadline for achieving climate neutrality.

Indeed, nuclear power is one of the best energy sources in terms of low carbon dioxide emissions, ensures reduced land footprint per unit of installed capacity and guarantees optimal production programmability.

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