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Ansaldo Energia: The first power plant in China equipped with Ansaldo Energia GT36 has entered in commercial operation

Ansaldo Press Release.   The first combined cycle power plant equipped with an Ansaldo Energia GT36 gas turbine in China has entered in commercial operation. Installed at the Minhang Industrial Zone project in Shanghai, this SPIC (State Power Investment Corporation Limited) power plant, equipped with Ansaldo Energia GT36 gas turbine, is a testament to Ansaldo Energia's expertise in clean energy solutions. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to providing innovative and efficient power generation solutions to the Chinese market.

The plant, which utilizes the latest gas turbine technology, has been designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and reliability, meeting the stringent emission standards of China's power generation industry. The plant's performance has exceeded expectations, consistently achieving high levels of efficiency and environmental compliance. SPIC has expressed its satisfaction with the project's outcome, highlighting the excellent performance of the power plant equipped with GT36 gas turbine. The customer's positive feedback reaffirms Ansaldo Energia's commitment to providing outstanding solutions for power generation.

The GT36 power plant is an integral part of the Minhang Industrial Zone project, which aims to transform the site of a former coal-fired power plant into a modern, efficient, and cleaner energy hub. The existing Ansaldo Energia AE94.3A gas turbine at the site complements the GT36, demonstrating Ansaldo Energia's expertise in providing a wide range of power generation solutions to cater to all customers requirements.

With its successful operation and exceptional performance, this GT36-equipped power plant sets a relevant benchmark for combined cycle power generation in China. The plant has already accumulated more than 1,000 operating hours, showcasing its remarkable stability and reliability. Ansaldo Energia is confident that this project will pave the way for further collaborations with Chinese partners and contribute to the country's sustainable energy goals.

The successful commercial operation of Ansaldo Energia GT36 H-Class of Minhang is part of a long and fruitful journey of knowledge and presence in China: through its local joint venture Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine Co.Ltd. Ansaldo Energia has indeed sold, since 2014, 80 gas turbines.

Quelle: Ansaldo Press Release