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Press Release. The Integrated Plant Support works in close collaboration with the equal center located in Genoa, inside the headquarters of Ansaldo Energia: two poles of high technology that allow the monitoring - with the most sophisticated digital systems and cybersecurity – of turbines and generators installed in plants under contract of Ansaldo Energia Service worldwide. The new headquarters in Abu Dhabi will allow the Group to strengthen the H24 monitoring for all its customers, seven days a week, 365 days a year, of the machines installed in its plants, with significant advantages in their management.

With the inauguration of the new headquarters of Integration Plant Support, Ansaldo Energia reinforces its presence in the area, where it has been operating for over thirty years. "It is with great satisfaction that we inaugurate this pole of very high technology and innovation" says Giuseppe Marino, CEO of Ansaldo Energia. "We want to strengthen our presence in this area that has great potential and is strategic for the development plans of our company".

"Thanks to the high innovation tools and the synergistic work of the two centers - explains Stefano Gianatti, Executive Vice President Service of Ansaldo Energia - not only monitoring activities are carried out, but also and above all remote predictive diagnostics: the analysis of the data received in real time (more than 130,000 packets of information are downloaded every second) allows to have a nonstop overview of the real status of the turbines or generators, anticipating any critical issues that can thus be resolved before generating a potentially very critical failure. All this is performed in direct contact with the customer, which can therefore improve the reliability of the plant".

Ansaldo Energia Group's Integrated Plant Support currently monitors and manages 106 gas turbines, 42 steam turbines and 132 generators, for a total of over 33 GW.

In 2010, the Ansaldo Energia Group built a new, recently renovated plant in Abu Dhabi, where Service works on gas turbine parts take place and, in 2017, finalized the MESH - Middle East Service Hub - a fully equipped rapid response unit with 120 technicians, with a light mechanical repair shop and a new area for service activities on generators, to respond quickly and efficiently to all customer requests. A strategic pole not only for the Middle East area, where the company has many projects, but also for the Asian region.

Quelle: Press Release