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Ansaldo Energia News: Visit of H.E. Ambassador Fabrizio Saggio at Mornaguia power plant

News. In recent days, H.E. the Italian Ambassador in Tunisia, Fabrizio Saggio, visited Mornaguia power plant that Ansaldo Energia completed in 2019: a concrete example, he said, of the success of the collaboration between Italy and Tunisia.
STEG and Ansaldo Energia have created a win-win industrial partnership that has made it possible to build the power plant in a record time of only 10 months (normally, the standard construction time is between 18 and 24 months).
Remembering that Ansaldo Energia has been present in Tunisia since 1994 and that it has made its technologies available to serve the country to contribute to the efficiency and energy security of Tunisia, the Ambassador also underlined that the energy produced by STEG through our power plants has given an important contribution to the national production.
Over the years, Ansaldo Energia has established itself on the Tunisian market by building other large power plants Rades B, Sousse C, Sousse D and ensures the maintenance and smooth operation of four Sousse C, Sousse D, Ghannouch and Mornaguia.
With its leading technologies, our company contributed to the reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere, which are below the limits imposed by national and international legislation.
In the 2030 energy plan of the Tunisian government, many Italian companies have already expressed their interest to participate in the opportunities offered by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for the production of 1700 MW of photovoltaics by 2025.
Finally, he recalled that Energy will be among the main topics of the Business Forum between Italy and Tunisia, an event that was announced by Minister Tajani. During this event, which will take place by the end of the year, the primary Italian and Tunisian economic and institutional actors will meet in order to deepen the Italian and Tunisian synergies in this strategic sector.

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