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Ansaldo Energia News: Edison inaugurates the most efficient thermoelectric power plant in Italy: it is powered by a GT36 turbine by Ansaldo Energia

Press Release.

The inauguration of the Marghera Levante plant took place today in Porto Marghera (VE), the most efficient thermoelectric power plant in Italy and among the most efficient in the world, the first latest-generation facility of its kind, contributing to the country’s energy transition. An important milestone for the security of the Italian energy system, ensuring a highly flexible, low-carbon production that balances the intermittent nature of renewable sources, thus contributing to the achievement of the country’s decarbonisation targets set by the PNIEC.


The plant has an installed capacity of 780 MW and an energy efficiency of 63%, the highest output currently available, able to ensure a reduction of specific emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx mg/kWh) by up to 70% and of carbon emissions (CO2 mg/kWh) by up to 30% compared to the current average of the Italian thermoelectric park, satisfying the equivalent annual needs of about 2,000,000 families.


Edison’s new 780 MW natural gas combined cycle of Marghera Levante consists of a 515 MW class 'H' turbine from Ansaldo Energia   – technologically ready for the use of up to 50% hydrogen mixed with natural gas – a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with a catalytic system for the reduction of nitrogen oxides (SCR) inside, and a 265 MW steam turbine (TVB).


«It gives us great satisfaction to see our first GT36 ready to support the country’s electricity production. This latest-generation turbine is a highly performing machine characterised by unprecedented technological innovation, also in terms of green fuels», says Ansaldo Energia Chief Executive Officer, Fabrizio Fabbri. «We do not hide our pride in having collaborated with Edison on such an important project and we hope this is just the first of many opportunities and strategic partnerships to come».


«We are proud to be the first, once again, to lead innovation in Italy thanks to a latest-generation plant that is highly strategic for the flexibility and adequacy of the national electricity system. A goal we set as a responsible operator, leader in the country's energy transition. Edison has in its DNA the ability to innovate, as reflected in its 140 years of industrial leadership. And, today, we celebrate this important milestone thanks to the synergies with Veneto, a highly dynamic region, and our partnership with an Italian excellence such as Ansaldo Energia», says Edison Chief Executive Officer, Nicola Monti. «Our Group has an investment plan amounting to 10 billion euros between now and 2030 dedicated to the energy transition, half of which for the growth in renewable energy. And the new plant of Marghera is a tangible proof of how different technologies can work towards the common goal of decarbonisation, to ensure security of energy supply and economic sustainability».

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