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ANSALDO ENERGIA CLOSES THE YEAR 2021 WITH A RETURN TO GROWTH OF REVENUES AND PROFITS. EBITDA IS UP +8 % TO 160 MILLION EURO WHILE NET INDEBTEDNESS IS DOWN 4.6 % The Ansaldo Energia Board of Directors approved the 2021 draft financial statements of Ansald

Press Release. Ebitda grew 8% over the 2020 figure to 160 million euro (10.8% of revenues), and EBIT is positive by 49.8 million (+48.4 million higher than in 2020), equal to 3.34% of revenues.

Cash flow from operations is positive by 11 million, considering a volume of investment totalling 110 million euro. The year also saw an important reduction of net financial indebtedness with respect to the previous year: 855 million euro in 2021, down 4.6%. Financial leverage dropped from 4.5 to 3.8 times the company’s ebitda, confirming reduction of financial exposure. Orders received totalled 1368.4 million euro, bringing the company’s total order portfolio as of 31 December 2021 up to 4,505 million.

“Ansaldo Energia obtained better results than expected in the year 2021, despite the continuation of the pandemic and its effects on the global economy, improving the performance of all three business units: New Units, Service, and Nuclear”, comments CEO Giuseppe Marino. “The return to making a profit marks an important turning point for the company, as does the decrease in net indebtedness and the improvement of financial leverage. We now face the unexpected new global challenges that have arisen with the confidence these results inspire,” concludes Marino.

“Ansaldo Energia achieved important results once again in 2021, improving its financial solidity and continuing to concentrate on optimising its cash flows,” comments Chief Financial and Business Officer Andrea Balzarini. “The renewed ability to achieve its targets the company has demonstrated over the past
two years represents an essential condition for addressing an external context of objectively greater uncertainty”.

Quelle: Press Release