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ABB provides details about IT security incident

Press Release. All of ABB’s key services and systems are up and running, all factories are operating, and the company continues to serve its customers. The company also continues to restore any remaining impacted services and systems and is further enhancing the security of its systems.

ABB has determined that an unauthorized third-party accessed certain ABB systems, deployed a type of ransomware that is not self-propagating, and exfiltrated certain data. The company is working to identify and analyze the nature and scope of affected data and is further assessing its notification obligations. ABB will communicate with affected parties where necessary, including, for example, specific customers, suppliers, and/or individuals where personally identifiable information was affected.

ABB is in the early stages of its investigation of the incident and will continue to assess the extent of its impact. ABB remains focused on working diligently with law enforcement, its customers, suppliers, partners, and advisors to resolve this situation and minimize its impact.

Quelle: Press Release