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ABB expands EcoSolutions portfolio with key technologies for energy transition and electrification

Press Release.

ABB is delivering on its commitment to transparency and sustainability across its complete value chain. At ABB Electrification Smart Power, a key supplier of technologies for electrification and energy transition, 35% of global sales are now for products covered by both an independent Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and the company’s EcoSolutionsTM information label and QR code.

ABB’s independent EPDs are audited by third party experts to ensure the validity of its environmental footprint. The ABB EcoSolutions label goes further, providing full transparency on a product’s circularity value and environmental impact. To qualify, an ABB EcoSolution must demonstrate sustainability in its design and sourcing; operations, packaging and logistics; energy efficiency in its usage phase; and a responsible plan for its end of life take-back or recycling.

By 2025, 80% of ABB Smart Power’s revenues will come from technologies and solutions with EPDs and EcoSolutions labels.

Alessandro Bottarelli, Sustainability Leader, ABB Electrification Smart Power, said: “Organizations investing in energy transition and sustainability want to make informed sourcing decisions: ABB provides transparent, independent information about the environmental performance of our technologies. As we embed sustainability across our complete value chain, customers and partners can trust our EPDs and EcoSolutions labels to provide reliable, up-to-date information.”

ABB Electrification Smart Power supplies energy distribution and management technologies essential for electrification and energy transition: from circuit breakers for solar applications to the cloud-based ABB Ability Energy Manager solution. EPDs and EcoSolutions information are now available for major Smart Power products, including: Emax 2 smart air circuit breakers; Tmax XT moulded case circuit breakers; OTDC switch disconnectors; AF contactors; MegaFlex DPA UPS systems; HiPerGuard medium voltage UPS systems; SureWave static frequency converters; and Overload Relays.

“We are fully committed to supporting our customers and to sharing our progress transparently with customers and partners,” said Alessandro Bottarelli, Sustainability Leader, ABB Electrification Smart Power.

“We are fully committed to supporting our customers and to sharing our progress transparently with customers and partners,” said Bottarelli. "Our work on sustainability advances thank to the hard work of our complete organization: our product and packaging designers, our engineers, and our manufacturing, logistics and sourcing teams have all made sustainability and transparency a priority.”

EPDs and EcoSolutions labels are based on data specific to each product’s manufacturing location and specification. For more information, visit: abb.com/ecosolutions or contact ABB directly to receive the relevant environmental information for projects and orders.

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